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Solar protection

Many people drive long hours to go, to and from work daily. The harsh sunlight that beams through your windows can make this daily routine unbearable. Control the amount of light and solar energy by choosing one, or mixing and matching different shades. Installation of window tint will reduce the heat, eliminate any hot spots, block out annoying glare from the sun, keep your interior looking new, and protect you and your passengers from harmful UVA and UVB rays. An untreated window can make any road trip unsafe. Lights from other vehicles and the sun can prohibit the driver from seeing as clearly as possible. Window tint will allow the driver and passengers to look through the windows more comfortably and safely.

The sun emits harmful UV rays that fade and damage your carís interior. Every film and shade that we carry blocks out 99% of both UVA and UVB rays. These rays are the reason your interior can discolor, crack, fade, or deteriorate. Window tint will preserve your cars interior, in which will raise the value of your car when it's time for you to sell it. Buying new interior pieces and reupholster is very expensive. Prevent timely damage from the sun by installing window tint. As soon as your windows are tinted, instantly feel the difference. It works right away.

Add Style to Your Car

Choosing the right shade for your car can make it stand out from other vehicles. Unlike our competitors, our color and shades are more of a flat black charcoal color. In this vast market, there are products that add a greenish or a reflective hue to the window. These window films aren't appealing to the eye. They donít match any of the cars black borders around the edge of the window or factory privacy tints that come standard on vehicles. Llumar and 3M films are the best looking in our opinion. In our almost 20 years of experience, we have used different films and different brands. We have stuck with Llumar and 3M because they are the most attractive in the industry with virtually no warranty issues while performing on the top level.

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