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• OEM or high quality glass
• Will not damage the outside or inside of your vehicle during installation
• Fast curing polyurethane
• Lifetime warranty against water leaks
• Vacuum any broken glass

Your windshield is your first line of protection between you and the open road. Driving too close to a semi truck or a construction vehicle can be dangerous. Driving at a fast speed can cause an immense impact to your windshield if a rock collides with it. Our selections of quality windshields can protect you in such cases. We only use factory spec or OEM windows in every installation.

Our high viscosity windshield adhesive is engineered to perform to the strength of OEM requirements. This fast curing withheld adhesive has a lifetime warranty for any water leaks. Leave VIP feeling certain that your windshield is intact and won’t shift while you drive. Fast curing windshield adhesive is vital for any installation.
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