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Block out the UV rays

A store front is your window to the public, inviting them in with a glimpse of the products you offer. But with those products in open view, they are at risk of fading, deteriorating, discoloring, and warping due to the harsh heat and UV rays of the sun. Our window films block out 99% of the suns UV rays, even in clear window films. UV rays are the biggest contributor of fading and deteriorating of materials. Let everyone see your merchandise and be sure itís protected from the sun with window film from VIP tint+glass.


Privacy from the public is also very beneficial. You can also use window film to block the view of things you donít want people to see like an office or conference room. It can also help make workers more productive. Many workers feel uneasy when somebody is watching them, knowing that they cannot be seen can ease their mind and get them back to the job with less distractions.

Control graffiti damage

Many cities are experiencing a growing problem of vandals tagging glass and other surfaces in public places using etching tools, acid, and paint. Our thick window film will prevent the vandal from damaging your glass or mirrors. This film will not prevent the vandal from leaving his mark on the mirror, but the film can be easily removed leaving you with a perfect piece of glass. We recommend a re-application of the film to protect the glass from future vandals. The film can be applied at a small fraction of the cost it would be to replace a window or mirror in your business.

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