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All our automotive films have a nationwide life time warranty, which is backed by the manufacturers or through VIP TINT + GLASS. Our service doesn't stop after you leave our shop. Have the peace of mind knowing, that the film and our workmanship is warranted as long as you own your vehicle. If you moved away from VIP TINT + GLASS, no worries! No matter where you’re at, if you have a problem with you tint job, 3M and Llumar will direct you to the closes dealership.

Not every shop can carry 3M or Llumar products. Only selective distributers may use these products. Beware of shops that say they are applying a specific brand of tint, and use a cheaper brand. This happens quite often. An easy way of telling if a shop is using the right product, is looking at the box in which they pull the tint from. Or in the plastic in sleeve of the roll there's a product number that should match product label on the box. 3M actually stamps their logos on the tint, to give the consumer certainty; that they have the right product on their vehicle. This can be later removed. Llumar stamps the clear release with their logo to distinguish their brand from others. Don't be fooled by distributors that are doing this. 3M and Llumar offer warranty slips that the distributors give you after every installation.

Lifetime Warranty Against

• Fading (no purple windows)
• Bubbling
• Cracking
• Peeling
• Delaminating
• Blistering
• Crazing
• De-metalizing
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