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Most fabrics, furnishings and artwork can be damaged and fade simply by allowing sunlight to pass through an untreated window. By blocking more than 99% of UVA and UVB rays, window film will help preserve the color of your furnishings, fabrics and carpets, and help protect fine antiques, woods and works of art from discoloration and fading.

Open your blinds, shades, or draperies and let free natural light in. Window film reduces up to 87% of glare, making it easier for you to watch television or work on a computer. And because window film is available in a variety of light and subtle shades, you’ll be able to enjoy your now enhanced view without even knowing it's there.

Privacy for your home

Why is it that you keep your blinds and draperies shut? Many will say privacy reasons. Adding window film to your home will give you the added privacy you need to open those blinds while not having to worry about who is watching you. Llumar and 3M window films have found the correct way to give you that needed privacy. Most conventional residential films are made highly reflective to give that privacy and reject high heat gains, this can be unpleasant looking and problematic for your neighbors. Llumar and 3M films are the least reflective interiorly and exteriorly, giving you the clearest view while keeping the exterior of your home unchanged.

Need complete privacy on a specific window or bathroom? VIP tint + glass can give you the etched glass look without all of the high costs and cleaning problems of real etched glass. The etched glass film can easily be applied to any glass surface like traditional window films. Etched glass film is a very cost effective, stylish way to achieve privacy without sacrificing the suns natural light.

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