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Add a custom look to your lights
Protect them from delaminating, flaking, and yellowing
Easy application and removal
Does not change the color of light output
Does not block out reflectors

Tinted Lights

Most headlights and taillights are made out of plastic instead of glass. Plastic products don’t last as long as glass. These plastic lights tend to fade, turn yellow, and crack through time. The sun can cause the yellowing and flaking of your headlights. Applying tint will protect your lights from looking old and dingy.

Avoid painting your taillights. If you may not like the look or want to change the appearance of your lights, it can be very difficult to take the paint off. You may have to use harsh chemicals to remove the paint, which can remove the paint from the body of your car. Another option, but expensive is, buy new lights. At VIP we use vinyl when tinting the lights. Have the option to remove the tint on the lights easily. If you want to change your tail lights appearance simply peel the tint off and you’re all set. No need of using harsh chemicals to remove the tint.

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